hawkinson go digital with our quick and accurate digital system
NDT-III Go Digital!
Our incredibly accurate digital tire inspection machine detects hidden flaws and the smallest of punctures to ensure safety and reliability.

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hawkinson advantage cures the rubber right to the casing


With a variety of tire inspection machine options, you’ll find the equipment that’s effective and affordable for your shop.

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Hawkinson franchise possibilities
In Stock Parts and Fast Shipping!
No more down time! We stock a wide variety of tire inspection machine parts and can ship them quickly to keep you operating smoothly.

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NDT-III Go Digital

Why inspect with an NDT III

The Hawkinson NDT is accurate and fast by finding flaws that are not visible without slowing down the treading process. It is flexible to inspect tire sizes from light commercial to super single tires. It also saves you money by finding unrepairable tires prior to retreading.

International Partners

Hawkinson has teamed up with companies around the world to better provide service and support. TecTyres in Brazil is just one example of a partner that provides regional support for their customers for the NDT.

Choices = Machine Choices

From the NDT-II and NDT-2000 to the newly developed NDT-III, Hawkinson has a machine that will meet your spreader style without jeopardizing your inspection needs.

Go Digital

The Hawkinson NDT-III provides the most up to date in digital technology that makes tire inspection more accurate and faster. With self-diagnostic electronics and the tire tracking software, the NDT-III is the most efficient tire tester on the market today.

Small Company, Big Heart

For 50 years, Hawkinson has evolved our technology to an exact science. No other tire inspection machine company has perfected their products like us. We are the company shops rely on to provide a sound tire for their customers and a safe environment for employees.

Hawkinson is continuing to “Go the Extra Mile” for you and the environment…

one retread tire at a time. Hawkinson retreads require only 7 gallons of oil to produce, a 15 gallon savings over manufacturing a new tire. With 281 million used tires generated annually there is a great opportunity to save billions of gallons of oil every year.


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