Why Use an NDT?

The NDT was developed for:

ACCURACY – The NDT uses electrical impulses to detect nails, nail holes, cuts, tears and bad repairs that are not often visible to the naked eye. Hidden flaws and small punctures can be repaired before they develop into real problems.

SPEED – With the ability to test up to 200 tires per day the NDT allows inspection of every casing prior to buffing. Since it is independent from buffing it does not slow down the retreading process.

ECONOMY – The NDT was designed to provide the services you expect at a price that is right for all retreaders without increasing time or cost.

FLEXIBILITY – Tires can be inspected at anytime; prior to buffing, after buffing, after repairs or even as a final inspection after retreading because the NDT is separate from the buffing process.

Tests conducted by an independent consulting service proved that the NDT finds significantly more flaws than visual inspection or other methods.

ndt machine

Hawkinson’s NDT machine has been used by tire remanufacturers such as Michelin, Bandag and Goodyear for nearly 30 years because it provides results. Here are some links that show how these companies use the NDT in their process.

Michelin North America uses the NDT as standard equipment in their inspection process.
Wingfoot/Goodyear uses the NDT as their initial inspection system as shown in this overview of their process.

timeline of ndt machine