Message from the President

brian braschThe tire remanufacturing industry, in the face of rising input and production costs due to higher rubber and energy prices, has experienced modest value and volume growth since the beginning of the last decade. However, with rising oil prices and a more environmentally conscious consumer base the growth outlook for retread tire production is extremely positive since retreading requires about 1/3 the oil to produce equivalent quality.

Retreading is a competitive business. Owning a Hawkinson franchise gives you the extra advantage you need to be successful in today’s retread market. Our franchise system provides protected territories which create less competition while delivering a higher operating margin. In addition, Hawkinson’s Method eliminates the need for extra inputs such as bonding cushion gum and curing envelopes while using less rubber and energy. This creates a significant production and cost savings compared to precure tire retreading.

We appreciate your interest in Hawkinson. If you have questions about franchising with us, please contact Calvin Sperr at 763.424.5098.

Best Regards,
Brian Brasch