The Hawkinson Method


Determine Application

Hawkinson is committed to providing the highest quality rubber for your application. We will work with you to find the right rubber compounding and tread designs.

Inspect Casing Integrity

Using the Hawkinson Method to retread a tire ensures quality. Every tire casing will receive a thorough inspection identifying potential defects. Hawkinson uses multiple methods to inspect tires for defects such as the Hawkinson’s NDT Tire Inspector, shearography, grazing light defect identification, high pressure testing and x-ray. If repairs are needed, they are administered after inspection.


Buff and Clean Tire

Once we ensure that your casing is of the highest quality we buff off the old remaining tread to prepare your casing for the application of live new rubber.


Repair and Apply Uncured Rubber

Skilled technicians will repair and apply new uncured rubber to your casing.



Next, we infuse rubber to the tire casing. Hawkinson’s unique band mold is a similar molding method to that used by new tire manufacturers. The Hawkinson molding system has no splices to so it creates a perfectly matched-mated tire every time.


Final Inspection

Final inspection ensures that every Hawkinson manufactured retread meets the highest standards.

The Hawkinson Method means highest quality rubber, thorough inspection, and quality treads