Retread With Hawkinson

Retread Like New

The Hawkinson Retreading Method is similar to the methods used by new tire manufacturers. Why buy new when you receive the same quality for less?

Casing Life

With Hawkinson Seamless Treads the tire casing is not subjected to excessive heat. Our system of retreading will not damage your casing. Heat is applied where it’s needed rather than to the sidewalls or the bead. Two or more Hawkinson Treads on one casing is not uncommon.

Load Distribution

Match-mated treads will maximize tread contact with the road, which evenly distributes the load to each tire. This optimizes rolling resistance, which saves fuel and decreases both tire wear and tire failure.


Hawkinson Seamless Treads are available and applicable to many operations. With a wide variety of available treads to choose from, Hawkinson Seamless Treads will have the right tread for your application. Our franchises will assist you by evaluating your operation to determine the tire solution that fits your needs.

Hawkinson Cares

Over the last 50 years retreading has evolved to an exact science. Our franchises rigidly adhere to the precise tolerances expected today to provide a safe tire for you and a safe environment for our employees.